As producer/engineer (record company productions)

‘The Bell of Hope’, Robert Scott. 7 Records. 1978

‘Blue & White Future Whale’, Tactics. Folding Chair Records. Sydney. 1986

Reflections’, Doug Parkinson , Hammard Records. 1986

‘Food for Thought’, Doctors of the Future. Independent.1987

‘Mighty Few’, Mighty Few. Independent. 1988

‘The Great Gusto’, Tactics , Regular Records. 1989

‘The Wishing Well’, Steve Gibson. Silhouette Records.1993

‘The Edge’, Steve Gibson. Silhouette Records. 1995

‘The History of the Sky’, Tactics. Shock Records. 1996

‘Space Cowboy’, Steve Gibson. Stallion Records. 1999

‘New Love’, Julie Wilson. Rouseabout Records. 2000.

Sinner’, Dave Evans, album. Cultural Minority Records. 2007.

‘Judgement Day’, Dave Evans. STF Records. 2008.

As producer/engineer (independent productions)

‘Live at the Bel Air’. Atlantis. Independent. 1979

Showbag’, The Musical Flags. Independent. 1981

‘Stab in the Dark’, DV8. Independent. 1981

‘Back in the Hunter Valley’, Tony Johns. Independent. 1994

Freakshop’, Freakshop, album. Independent. 1994

Little Hornet’, Little Hornet. Independent. 1997

‘Turn On 2’, Little Hornet. Independent. 1998

‘ 1998 Comeback Special’, Little Hornet. Independent. 1998

‘ On the Road’, Brien McVernon. Independent. 1998

‘ Chorus Vs Bridges’, Little Hornet. Independent. 1999

Howlin’’, The Midnight Howlers. Independent. 1999

‘ The 5 th Hornet’, Little Hornet. Independent. 2000

‘ The Good’, The Good. Independent. 2000

Cinema’, Mighty Few. Independent. 2000

‘Angel Wings’, Julie Wilson. Independent. 2003

‘Retro Rockets are Go’, Retro Rockets. Independent. 2005

‘Nick Cesta’, Nick Cesta. Independent. 2005.

‘Back in 5‘, Funky Do Das. Newcastle. 2005.

Wanted’, Bounty Hunters. Independent. 2005.

‘Cars Guitars & Girls from Mars’, Retro Rockets. Independent. 2006

‘Strike Up the Dungeon Big Band’, Dungeon Big Band. Independent. 2007

‘Live 2 Rock’, DV8. Independent. 2007

‘Agents of Peace’, Agents of Peace. Independent. 2007

‘The Diva Swings’, Su Cruickshank. Independent. 2008

‘Catalina’, Retro Rockets. Independent. 2008

‘Colours’, Julie Wilson. Independent. 2008.

‘Live at the Dungeon’, Various Artists. Independent. 2009

‘Rockets from Oz’, Retro Rockets. Independent. 2011

‘Your Hometown’, The Waysmiths. Independent. 2011

‘Haysun’, AJ Clayfoot & the Beautiful Flowers. Independent. 2012

‘Blues on Hold’, Julie Wilson.Independent. 2013

‘Days of Sun & Moon‘, Brien McVernon. Independent. 2013

‘Killing Time’, Dai Pritchard. Independent. 2014

‘Bad Blood’, Mitch Capone. Independent. 2014

‘Natural’, Tony Johns. Independent. 20162